Academic Poster (Disability, Substance Misuse or Mental Health)

| February 26, 2015
You have been asked to produce an academic poster which will be displayed in public buildings and health and social care centres across the County.
Your poster should address one area of substantive teaching covered in the mental health, substance misuse or disability segments of teaching.
Your poster should be informative, engaging and evidence based
You must cite at least 8 references which must be accurately referenced using the Harvard system of referencing.
Assessment criteria:
Standard assignment marking scheme.
• Exploration and understanding of the key issues
• Evidence of reading and other preparation, critically appraised and integrated into the body of the poster
• Independence of thinking and quality of analysis
• Discussion of anti-oppressive issues supported by an understanding of inequalities of power, integrated into the body of your answer, where appropriate
• Coherence and clarity of argument and structure
• Presentation: written style, grammar, sentence construction, paragraphing, referencing
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Category: Health and Medicine

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