Aboriginality’ and Indigenous ‘self-representation’

| August 22, 2015

Aboriginality’ and Indigenous ‘self-representation’

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In your tutorial group discuss ‘Aboriginality’ and Indigenous ‘self-representation’ as addressed in the essays (below) by Mick Dodson and Marcia Langton. In particular, what do these terms refer to, how are they situated historically, and why are they significant in contemporary cultural expression? Drawing on Dodson and Langton write individual essays which critically examine these discussion points.
Just allowed to use these references (no other references):
Dodson, M. ‘The End in the Beginning: Re(de)finding Aboriginality’, in Grossman, M. (ed) 2003 Lines : Contemporary Critical Writing by Indigenous Australians anthology criticism, Melbourne, Melbourne University Publishing, pp.25-42
Langton, M. ‘Aboriginal art and film: the politics of representation’ in Race & Class, April 1994 vol. 35 no. 89-106
1,000 word academic essay
Assessment Criteria:
• Ability to actively examine (think critically about) the material under review.
• A well-structured and coherent discussion giving evidence of your ideas with examples.
• Articulate ideas clearly and sustain a theme or argument
• Correct use of English grammar and spelling and accurate HARVARD referencing.

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