A review of Organizational Theory literature and an analysis of the U.S. Steel corporation.

| December 27, 2014

A review of Organizational Theory literature and an analysis of the U.S. Steel corporation.

Integrative Term Project: Literature Review/Organizational Analysis
This project consists of 4 components:
A.  Organizational Theory literature review.
B.  Discussion of applicable theories and concepts (synthesis of literature reviewed) as they relate to issues and challenges organizations face today.
C.  Organizational Analysis using the Baldridge P1/P2 criteria (focus on diagnosis).
D.  Recommendations for interventions (should be based on your organizational analysis and literature review).
A.  Organizational Theory Literature Review    (60 points)
Students are expected to review current and relevant OT literature and provide an annotated summary of each.  Use the following web site as a guide:
Here are some additional links regarding the annotated bibliography.

Each summary must be thorough, concise, and the main point(s) must be clear.  A minimum of 10 sources must be selected and referenced.  APA style is required.  Use the following web site as a guide:  Be sure you are using the 6th edition of APA.
B.  Literature Synthesis               (100 points)
Students will discuss applicable concepts, dynamics, and models from not only their literature review, but from course materials and the text.  The author must identify and discuss current issues and/or challenges organizations face today. Show how OT concepts relate to and/or support these issues and challenges.
A well written literature synthesis:
Recognizes leading researchers in this field
Contains citations from widely-quoted writers in this field
Demonstrates an understanding of the linkages among the key articles
Uses the key articles as a foundation or scaffold for additional supporting articles
Derives its central arguments from citations from journals that are recognized as
peer-reviewed and influential in their respective area
Goes beyond a simple summary of the articles cited to develop a conceptual
framework that links summaries and articles together
Clearly identifies a set of key concepts that are derived appropriately from and
connected to the summaries and citations
Employs APA style consistently and appropriately
Has an overall structure that is clear and appropriate to the topic
Relates sections to one another and ensures that sections follow clearly from one another
Is easy to read and understand clearly a final draft and is free of major grammatical, typographical, and
syntactical errors contains a complete and accurate set of references that match between paper and Reference page and/or Annotated Bibliography

C.  Organizational Analysis         (50 points)
Connect to the Baldridge Criteria web site:  www.quality.nist.gov.
Use the Organizational Profile (P1/P2) criteria to analysis an organization of your choice.  You may use the criteria appropriate to your selected organization (i.e. manufacturing, healthcare, education, etc.)  It is highly recommended that the student has access to and familiarity with the organization they choose.  If the organization selected is a large and dynamic organization (i.e. Lockheed Martin, U.S. Military), the analysis may be limited to a specific department or group.  Before attempting to write the analysis, an understanding of the criteria model may be helpful.  The analysis is to be submitted in an Executive Summary format and will not exceed 5 pages in length.  Use the following site as a guide in writing your summary:

Twenty-five (25) points will be deducted if more than 5 pages for this component are submitted.

D.  Analysis Application               (100 points)
It is expected that from the organizational analysis (description of the current state of the organization) that the student will have identified issues and challenges that are impacting organizational performance and outcomes.  Based on these findings, provide recommended strategies.  Recommended strategies should be based on the synthesized literature and other relevant course materials.  In addition to recommended strategies, expected outcomes must be discussed.


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