| April 14, 2014

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This Portfolio that is already made, need additional information to be added TO COMPLETE THE ANALYSIS AND IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THIS EXERCISE WITH MY LECTURES REVIEW ;
2. set up a table with values for the investments on the first day and then values at the close of play on Fridays during the period – the last date is the 7th April.
It may be that there is little movement – of course for cash (bank accounts and T-bills) this is most likely to be the case. You could also look at index values for these dates and see how this correlates with the values of the stocks – I mentioned short-term fluctuations (noise) caused by day-traders too in the first lecture in the behavioural finance part. For the stocks there would likely be little movement – if there attempt to analyse why this may be so – any news about these companies or industries they are in in the Philippines or news about the Philippines generally – a Google news search may reveal this.
Also has there been any currency fluctuation – I looked at FX in last week’s lecture – so see the slides on Module as you were not there for that part
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