A Meta-analysis on Revenue Management

| August 29, 2015

A Meta-analysis on Revenue Management

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First, and foremost, this assignment has the objective to make you aware of the actual research on RM, it’s developments and the evolution of RM, and finally to sharpen your ability of critical thinking.

I expect a critical analysis of any relevant existing research on RM in the context of the hospitality, respective service industries from 2012 on.

New developments and evolution of RM can be found mainly in the areas of:
New RM application in different industries,
RM implementation issues,
RM and its impact on the business environment.

By critically reading a sufficient amount of RM papers you should be capable to identify these aspects.

A meta-analysis as requested at this level asks you for a critical and comprehensive review of RM research (I.e. new research area to be identified, replication study, conceptual framework developed and so on) and it does not request a raw data comparison. As said, you don’t need to conduct a meta-analysis at the highest academic level as it can be seen in a variety of academic research, instead its request you to focus on the following aspects:

– What is the contribution of each and every article critically analysed (again, it’s up to you how many articles you may review but the more the better),
– does the article researched help to gain new insight in RM practice,
– is the article rooted in RM research,
– is there a replication study with maybe new relevant findings,
– does the methodology fit within the research direction (I.e. the article makes a claim regarding new insight into RM practice but does not provide any proof (for example via primary research) , or the sample does not allow for generalisation),
– are the key findings of each article relevant to understand a new RM development or evolution?,
– are there any limitations indicated by the authors which might be relevant and worth to mention?,

The excel table gives you an overview of any existing RM research (structure as several times explained, by column: author/s, year, research direction of the paper, methodology applied, qualitative or quantitative, key findings of the paper, limitations indicated and legend with your own comments how to classify this paper, I.e. replication study).

Furthermore, the excel table helps you to structure your paper by following the many different research directions and justify their contribution to research ( or not).

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