90 Miles to Havana – Reading Journal

| August 31, 2015

90 Miles to Havana – Reading Journal
Just as the narrator Julian experiences new people and places in the story, you will
also be chronicling your adventures via a reading journal in your composition
notebook for 90 Miles to Havana. Responses should be entered after each section
is completed.
I will be collecting your notebooks at various times throughout the term, so it is
important that you stay on track during this novel! Try to write your entry
immediately after you finish reading a section so that it will be fresh in your mind,
thoughts, and words! © For each of the six sections you will be expected to write
the following in your Journals.
Section 1: 1-43 Big Fish – Almond Revenge
Section 2: 44-106 Pork Chops – The Windup
Section 3: 107-153 Innocent Romeo – Caballo Rojo
Section 4: 154-199 The Democratic Way – Armando
Section 5: 200-256 The Plan – Gravity Slips
Section 6: 257-292 The Pirate’s Channel – Connect-y-cut
Journal Requirements: (One for each section, six (6) journal entries in total)
1. Heading should include the section number and page numbers.
2. Paragraph One: Write at least a four-sentence section summary.
3. Paragraph Two: For each section choose a different character/place/event to
focus on for the following (pick Q_N_E of the three). Then:
a. Name the character/place/event
b. Choose a line/sentence that you think best represents the
character/place/event, citing in APA format (Flores-Galbis, 2010).
c. Write one sentence why you chose this character/place/event
4. Paragraph Three: Choose one quote from a character that stood out to you.
Then write one sentence: Why did it stand out? What do you think the quote
5. Paragraph Four: Write at least two sentences of your personal response.
There are no right or wrong answers. What did you like? Dislike? Would
you have made similar/different choices? Inferences for the next chapter?

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