9 pages. Catholic Medical Morality

| December 7, 2015

For this paper, you can choose your own topic that fits this general theme:
• A further exploration of a class-related topic or controversial moral issue, possibly with a cross-disciplinary perspective (for example, looking at the ethics of abortion while also drawing on sociological research on abortions, or looking at some ethical aspect of mental health while drawing on psychological research). The topic must in some way include the Catholic perspective of the issue and your own assessment of the topic.
Whatever direction your paper takes, it should make an argument of your own, not just outline the views of others.
Your paper should demonstrate a thorough understanding of your chosen topic and its relevance, present a logical and well-developed argument, and be well-researched and well-written. These are the criteria on which your paper will be graded. Your paper should contain your own claim and the reasons and evidence supporting it, as well as at least one counter-argument and your response to it. You should show that you understand your issue, relevant perspectives on that issue, and the implications of the conclusions you draw on your topic. You should also demonstrate the elements of good writing, such as an introduction, a thesis statement, topic sentences, a logical order of paragraphs, and good spelling and grammar.Paper should include both footnotes (not parenthetical notes) and a works cited page. The appropriate format for citations (Turabian Style)
topics discussed in class (chose any one. however my preference is contraception/contraceptives):
Abortion, surgical sterilization, artificial human reproduction, genetic intervention, genetic screening and counseling, organ transplant.
citations: some book sources

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