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| December 8, 2015

Conduct a critique of the following service marketing management ideas, theories and techniques, specifically with reference to purpose, application and limitations and with regard to how these service management ideas, theories and techniques might contribute to the success of a service organisation:
• Service concept
• Understanding customer types
• The gaps model – Customer expectations and perceptions
(service concept explanation of the 4 kay elements that make up an analysis of service concept as put forward by johnston and clark 2008)
(futher work Goldstein et al,.(2007) and van looy et al.,(2003)
practical examples of how service organisations have applied this approach, importance of the role of service concept for both external and internal customers and other stakeholders, the importance of service concept as a strategic tool, using the service concept to creat organisational alignment.
limitations might include poor follow through and implementation see for example, goldstein et al,. (2002)
customer type/segmentation:
an outlineof how service organations might approach customer segmentations should be put forward, demographics, psychographic..operational categories need to be explained eg hostages, allies.. and by referance to the key 2 dimensions: attitude and behaviour (clark and johnstopn, (2008)
customer and valuable v non- valuable customers and loyalty.
Reichheld’s (2006 research might also be flagged by students with regard to loyalty, customer retention and limitations together eith approaches taken to segmentation. the imporance of cusomter segmentation for long term value and organisationsal success should be mentioned.
limitation might include for example that this appriach is not perfect idenitying customers that will remain loyal to the service organisation.
customer expectations and percptiona, parasuraman et al., (1985). an outline of hwat expectations and perceptions are, and why organisations use the model. limitations the time that it makes to conduct the survey, the measures that are used, see for example Ladhari (2009) Smith et al (2007), Boulter and Bendall (2010)

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