8 pages. Recommend a policy and action for the president

| December 17, 2015

This paper will give you a chance to get into some depth regarding the President’s role in the contemporary political system. You will choose a current event topic where some policy solution might legitimately involve the executive branch – foreign policy matters (the Iranian nuclear deal?), domestic policy (health care, some particular environmental issues?) – it’s your choice and there are lots of great policy topics. Ask me if you want some help narrowing something down.
Now, imagine you are an advisor to the President. It’s your job to brief the President and recommend a course of (executive) action. Detail the context of the event in question and the options for the presidential action. What part of the executive branch could act? And what could they do? And what obstacles exist to this action for the President? Think of it as an assessment of the potential opportunities available to a President and a cost-benefit analysis of any actions they might take.
Once you’ve worked through these details, offer your own recommendation of a course of action for the executive branch (or, perhaps a rationale for inaction?). Finally, since Presidents care about their legacy – put a historical trajectory on this possible action (or inaction). Does this situation look like a similar one faced by a President in history? And are there lessons to be learned from this prior Presidential action? How should the President want to be remembered in responding to this policy area? And why will your recommended course of action accomplish the best possible outcome for the President in the broadest sense?
Papers should be 8-12 pages, typed, double-spaced with standard fonts and margins.
Grades for the final version of the paper will be based on three components: 1) How well you do your research and make your arguments and utilize our course material in doing your investigation (about 75% of the total grade); 2) How well you write and present your findings – clear writing, well organized, proper sentence structure, etc. (about 15% of the grade); and 3) How well you followed the specific paper guidelines – proper topic, page length, margins, proper citations, etc. (about 10% of the total grade).

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