7 Summaries

| December 21, 2015

This assignment is a Summaries of chapters from these two books :
Parsa, Misagh. 2000. States, Ideologies and Social Revolutions. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press.
Van Inwegen, Patrick. 2010. Understanding Revolution. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner
First page : summary of Parsa Chapter 3 intro & Iran parts
Second page : summary of Van Inwegen Chapter 6: pp. 109-126; Parsa Chapters 4-7, Iran only; and the case study of Serbian Revolution
Third page: summary ofVan Inwegen Chapter 7: pp. 127-136
Fourth page: summary of Philippine Revolution Case Study; Parsa Chapters 4-7, Philippines only
Fifth page: summary of Nicaraguan Revolution Case Study; Parsa Chapters 4-7, Nicaragua only
Sixth page: summary of Parsa Chapters 8 & 9
Seventh page: summary of Van Inwegen Chapter 8; South African & Rwandan Revolutions Case Studies
Total of the summaries are seven with using only two books that named

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