7 references. Analytic Commentary of a Child's Drawing

| December 19, 2015

We have been told to choose a drawing by a child of our choice and develop an analytic commentary to analyse the drawing through relevant literature and theoretical interpretation. I have chosen a peace of drawing from a 6 years and 8 months female toddler 9which will be attached with this order). I have also chosen to focus on the theoretical work of Bruner’s three modes of representation. However, other relevant literature showed also be mentioned as part of a critical analysis. The analytic commentary should be 1500 words long. I have managed to gather data and information regarding this analysis and developed a guide for the writer to use. I will attach 4 main documents; 1- the drawing of the child itself; 2- the explanation of the drawing by the child; 3- the university task (that explains what is expected and marking criteria); 4- The analytic commentary guid (that I have developed and should be closely followed by the writer).
-Please do not copy the information in the guide document. You are expected to paraphrase it and expand its analysis with adding new relevant and reliable sources.
-Please use all references provided in the guid and quotes as well. The references used so far in this document are 13 and you should add another 7 references including “Ursula Kolbe”s work, who is an important artist and author (the use of this reference is explained in the guide as well). The references of the whole work should total 20.
– Please follow the same structure and points written in the guide document with further elaboration and analysis to strengthen them.
-Please paraphrase and do not copy and paste any of the information in the guide document unless it is a source or a quote.
– This is a Masters level work.

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