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| December 5, 2015

This assignment is also based on the European Tour Operators (tourism industry).
For the purposes of this assignment, you need to choose a company within this industry. You
will also need to access further (and more current) information on the company.
1. Identify and discuss strategic capabilities (resources and competences) of the
chosen company using appropriate strategy tools and identify strengths and
weaknesses for the firm. Apply the Value Chain and identify and discuss any
core competencies the organisation may have. Discuss company’s financial
Resources (human, physical and financial) (25 marks)
Strengths and Weaknesses (20 marks)
Value Chain (20 marks)
Core competencies (5 marks)
(Total 70 marks)
2. Taking into account the above findings as well as the conclusions from your first
assignment, construct a SWOT matrix to show strategic position of the
(10 marks)
3. Identify and discuss (providing examples and evidence) one strategic direction OR a
method for your chosen organisation. (20 marks)
a. You can use any relevant sources providing all sources are properly
referenced. Of particular relevance are sources like Keynotes, Mintel
and the FT.
b. Your assignment should not exceed 2000 words (excluding
c. The main purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate your
understanding and application of the concepts used in the module –
do not go overboard on too much detail on the organisation itself (a
short profile in the appendix will suffice).

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