7 pages. Analyzing a serious case review

| December 17, 2015

Task: Your task is to identify a Serious Case Review to analyse in respect of environmental safeguarding issues. Environmental safeguarding issues relate to the workplace context. Some examples may include: problems with management and communication; a culture of silence and lack of whistleblowing routes; staff failing to identify safeguarding concerns, etc. There are key elements that should be a part of your assignment:
1) You must provide a brief background of the case and the issues involved;
2) You should move beyond description and critically analyse the issues with reference to the literature in this field;
3) You should make recommendations for practice, on the basis of your critical assessment of the case.
The issues you identify in SCRs should be analysed with reference to the literature, referring to unit materials but you are also expected to read farther and wider and draw on materials that have not been provided to you on the reading list. Your reading list is merely a starting point.
Structure: Your SCR should include an introduction that includes your aim of the assignment; a background providing an overview of the case and the key issues involved; the main body of the assessment critically analysing the SCR and a conclusion drawing out the key messages and recommendations for future practice.

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