7 pages. AlDakhira Report

| December 28, 2015

Write a report that is about a village in Qatar called AlDakhira , I already made an audit about the facilities that this village has and made an interview with one of the locals that live in this village , in my report I should make this village a tourist destination and see what does it already have and whats it potentials and how to improve it for future and what to add to make it a destination place and who should be my target group
In the Appendices you should include everything that is written in the table that i will be attached and your source of how to do it should be from a book called ( The tourism development handbook A practical approach to planning and marketing ) By : Kerry Godfery and Jackie Clarke , please feel free to use what other sources you want in supporting the report BUT you should follow the book
structure in writing the report

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Category: Tourism

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