50 pages. Conventional Thinking Reflection

| December 30, 2015

Prepare an individual paper in which there is reflection upon the process involved in preparing for a presentation which addressed the task: Working from a clear, sensible business model discuss what shifts in
resource or commitments your business might engage in so that the organisation can secure service delivery. Metaphorically speaking, how might the supply chain be brought closer, or brought into the organisation.
The digital age – the globally networked economy and the rapidly developing technological platforms – offer the opportunity to dissolve traditional organisation boundaries and frontiers. This represents threats and opportunities in terms of competitive environment – but also adjusts the scope for new services, products and delivery configurations.
There are clear arguments that supply chains are the “unit of comparison” for assessing competitive advantage and that there is competition for “know how” to achieve flexible, lean, reliable and cost effective supply –
the questions are who makes and where are the investments necessary in order to secure customer value and advantage? – for Barclays. Also needing to describe the challenge to the “conventional thinking”
within the organisation that has been raised in the presentation expressing this with reflections to my in-company experience working for Victory Packaging.
Whilst also outlining how the issues in this module and their responses inform or influence my individual choices for:
my Dissertation topic (why do management styles differ by location?); a consultancy project where i have advised on how a small distribution company manages their stock data and financial documents; and a journal article in which i looked at whether cost or customer service was more attractive to returning customers within the packaging industry.

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