3850 words. topic1.consumers and brands/topic2.Critical marketing

| December 29, 2015

Individual coursework 1.(the first essay-14pages-3850words-20 references)
From the conceptual and theoretical issues presented in lectures and through your privately directed readings of relevant material, students can explore the brands and branding and their relevance for any industry, product, brand, strategic plan, cultural phenomenon (such as subculture group…), economic problem, demographic trend, multicultural contrast, global issue, consumption phenomenon, career objective etc. that they wish to explore. Whatever topic you pick, in the essay you must explain some theory that related to your topic and some theory about the “consumers and brand”.
A very good book which comes with all sorts of examples of brand contexts being analysed with interesting concepts is the volume Brand
Culture by Schroeder and Salzer-Morling. You must use the references from this book.
Individual coursework 2(the second essay-14pages-3850 words-20references)
Critical marketing.
Individual essay : A 4000 word essay entitled ‘Critical Marketing’
The essay entitled ‘critical marketing’.
You are free to choose which topic(s) you focus to engage with to discuss critical marketing
• Points from the first essay:
• English clarity- use a grammar check software
• Use short, clear sentences: 12 point font double spaced
• Use correct citation style for direct quotes
• Be reflexive- explain to the reader how you will tackle the topic, and say why each part is relevant
• Engage fully with the topic, as opposed to the paper(s).
• Use ethical, political, functional and/or intellectual critique, drawing on course material
• Coursework assessment 3:
• 4000 word individual essay (50% of overall grade). ‘Critical Marketing’.
1.You might, for example, critically engage with a specific issue in marketing, from an ethical, functional, intellectual or political perspective, or using a combination of some or all of these perspectives. Or, you might engage with the idea of critical marketing in general and evaluate the ideas you see as key to the subject area.
2. At the most basic level, the essay can rehearse course and text book material and refer to some additional articles and books to offer a general outline of key perspectives in critical marketing. In other words, it could engage with the question ‘what is critical marketing?’ and could discuss the meanings, implications, strengths and weaknesses of critical marketing.
3.Alternatively, the essay can engage critically with a more specific issue in, say, marketing ethics, or it could critique the functional and intellectual aspects of a marketing concept such as AIDA, the PLC, portfolio analyses such as the BCG Matrix, or the marketing concept itself.
4.The essay might engage critically with the idea of critical marketing itself, discussing its implications for marketing practice and management education. Essentially, you will need to look over the course material, lecture slides and text book, and find an issue or topic that interests you to investigate in greater depth.
5.the professor strongly suggest that the essay ‘Critical Marketing’ begins with a general discussion on and brief review of critical marketing, before focusing in on a chosen topic or area to analyse using critical marketing principles
• Possible topic areas:
• Critical ethical issues in marketing :
• Marketing theories: e.g. Strategy, PLC/Portfolio analysis, the marketing concept, the mix etc
Critique of critical marketing
*The final essay MUST draw on and refer to the course material and course text book(as below): this is important. You have studied a course and the essay must reflect your engagement with and understanding of the course content. The essay will also earn additional credit for referring appropriately to other published academic work.
•Course text Chapter 6
• Hackley, C. (2003) Doing Research Projects in Marketing, Management and Consumer Research. Routledge (there are copies in the library).
• This is the essential course textbook. The final essay must contain the issues from this book, and use this book as the main reference.
Hackley, C. (2009) Marketing- A Critical Introduction, published by Sage of London.
This is the essential course textbook. The final essay must contain the issues from this book, and use this book as the main


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