350- to 700-word synopsis with the following element:

| December 3, 2015
350- to 700-word synopsis with the following element:

A description of how a specific business requirement would drive the project's creation and use

Note: Riordan Manufacturing is one of the Virtual Organizations.

Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan manufacturing has been an electric fan manufacturer in china since 2000. They produce fans on forecast demands taking average sales data from the previous three years.
Flow diagram:
The following diagram below is the process flow diagram pictured below-

The process shows how the information system flows and major component are connected to each other. The process starts from motor and polymer supplies from the supplier and they are stocked in the inventories. The production is reduced to 93 percent to its original ones because of the non equilibrium between the required and supplied motor. The polymer and motors are used as raw materials in the supply chain. The polymers are melted and they are used to form the part of  the fan and major components like the housing of the fan. The fan is then assembled using plastic parts and the motor is purchased. The assembled fans are brought to the supply management from there and they are being moved to the distributers and the fans are shipped to the customers.
Proposal for business process change and diagram
Supply changes can be made to make a more efficient flow control. The proposed changes may include outsourcing the motors and polymer inventories. This will reduce the headache of managing stocks in the respective inventories so that focus can be made on production rather than on input and output on these inventories. Another change is to add a total quality management before supplying it to the customers and also the purchasing of raw material from the countries providing it in less cost. This will give the ultimate product in less incurred manufacturing price.
The new system after these changes can be as followed-

Internet and mobile access component of the system
The Riordan Manufacturing unified system makes it possible to secure the information. It focuses to make authorized access to its master database which can’t be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have the authority to access it. It also works through virtual private channels that can be accessed from a distance and can be controlled by using a tablet or mobile device. The data is centralized and the employees can have its access via virtual private channels which is a private network of the organization designed for the secured transfer of its information. Thus, the data can be easily updated by the employees and is only then saved successfully in the master database. The employee can be anywhere; at head office, at home or maybe even travelling and still this person can access and work, by signing into his account in the company’s private intranet network.
The centralized server of the Riordan manufacturing unified systems is located at its command center, and the employees access it through the internet. A centralized server provides single point admittance to all the employees’ irrespective of their location. The advantage of having a single point access is that if in case it fails, than it can be easily sorted out and maintained by IT professionals of the company.
The users are also connected through this network by having a client login. This can be done easily without any extra efforts as the users are functioning outside of the company can easily connect to this network through their login accounts.

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