3 single-spaced pages. Budget and Memo

| December 15, 2015

Complete an Excel file (Create a monthly budget: I added 1 single-spaced page in the order for this) and a Word file (A brief memo in 3 single-spaced pages) —I will upload files for the first part of the case study?which was already completed?for a better understanding of the second part of the case study (YOU WILL BE WORKING ONLY ON THE 2ND PART OF THE CASE STUDY)
First, review the files I will upload?in the following order:
1- Case Study Notes
2- Case Study Part 1 (COMPLETED)
3- Case Study Part 1 Excel (A) (COMPLETED)
4- Case Study Part 1 Excel (B) (COMPLETED)
5- Case Study Part 1 ? Memo (Example) (Completed)
Then, start on the second part of the case study. I will provide the instructions: 6- CASE STUDY PART 2 INSTRUCTIONS
an Excel file to fill in the assumptions and the parameters and change certain information: 7- CASE STUDY PART 2 TEMPLATE
————————————————————————-and FIVE chapters from TWO different books to help you answer the questions asked in the INSTRUCTIONS.

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