3 clients. Preparing for home visits

| December 16, 2015

I have been asked to take over from a colleague. I am required to take over 3 of her clients, they all require urgent assistance. one is unable to leave home as she has suspected influenza, one has a broken leg and the other has advanced dementia and is agoraphobic.
I am available between the hours of 10.30am and 2pm, I determine it will take between 10 & 15 minutes to travel to each appointment and another 10 minutes to load and unload respiratory equipment.
Explain how I would prepare for each visit, attend at the agreed times, establish relationships, undertake any necessary actions and follow up with the clients. Ensure I refer to strategies to deal with the possibility that clients might feel concerned about having a new person visiting them, and list methods I could use to ensure my own health and safety and manage contingencies.

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