275 words. EBP Literature Search/Appraisal of Evidence

| December 22, 2015

Clinical Problem:
Increase patient ratio, multiple coverage, high acuity level, staffing issues, and nursing staff’s priority of care are ongoing vital concerns among nurses in the unit. Multiple alarm systems can sometimes tune down nurses from discerning in answering the call lights in a timely manner that put patient safety at risk (Tzeng, & Yin, 2009).
Patient falls is one of the most occurring adverse events reported in health care organization that cause unwanted pain, suffering, fear, and morbidity to most clients admitted in the hospital. Hourly patient rounding had been implemented in orthopedic units for the purpose of fall rates reduction, reduce use of call lights, enhance patient safety, decrease development of pressure sores, and amend patient gratification (Tucker, Bieber, Attlesey-Pries, Olson, & Dierkhising, 2011).
Clinical Question:
With the admitted patients, does hourly rounds decrease falls and increase safety during the patients hospitalization?
Please do introduction and conclusion based on above information.

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