24” X 36” poster. Refugees and Forced Migration

| December 17, 2015

Phase 4: Create the Research Poster
Please create a 24” X 36” poster (A template will be provided). The poster should include the
following elements as needed for your design. a) Topic and Research Question: State your topic and research question. b) Research Design a. Dependent Variable: State your dependent variable and explain how you operationalized it (you are operationalizing the dependent variable in more than
one way). b. Independent Variables: State your independent variables and explain how you operationalized them.
c) Hypothesis:
a. State your hypothesis about the relationship between your dependent variable and only one independent variable. Explain why you believe this hypothesis will be true.
d) Methodology
a. Questionnaire Construction: Explain what factors you considered when writing your questionnaire items and when constructing your questionnaire. Also explain what happened when you pretested the questionnaire and how you changed the questionnaire as a result. b. Reporting of Analysis Methodology- Explain which analysis method you will use and why (t-test, correlation, ANOVA, regression) e) Sampling and Execution: Explain your sampling strategy and how you administered the survey. a. Description of Respondents: Describe the characteristics of your respondents. b. Sampling Frame: How will you find respondents- Are you using a random
sample, convenience sample, snow ball sample, etc?
f) Conclusion/ Future Consideration g) Other Items to be covered in assignment #3
a. Code Book b. Project Survey
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the contemporary migrants and refugee crisis in light of whether European and USA should have open border policy toward the asylum seekers or strict border regulation, given the infiltration of terrorist into this countries feigning as migrants. The independent variable of the research would border policies by affected countries where some people are advocating fort stricter border restrictions, while the human rights activist are advocating for open border policies. The dependent variable are the number of refugee gaining entrance to European and USA as a result boarder policies taken. The research is use primary data obtained from questionnaires presented to various participants seeking their opinion on the issue. The data is analyzed using univariate analysis of independent and dependent variables. The research finds out that majority of the people are supports measures of managing the refuges.
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background to the study
The escalation of violence in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya has led to the displacement, forced migration and voluntary migration from the biggest group of people since the World War 2. According to UNHCR, almost 60 million have been forcibly displaced by the end of 2014 in the midst of ongoing conflicts in several African and Middle East countries (Castles, 2015). 2015, has seen an upsurge in the migrants and refugees going to Europe through Mediterranean Sea to seek asylum, and high rate of migration has led to death of many migrants following capsizing of their boats in the Mediterranean sea.
1.2 Problem Statement
The escalation in the number of people forcibly displaced from their homes by war or by economic pressure has attracted the global attention, especially with recent terrorist in the France capital city, Paris, has led to a gargantuan political dilemma amongst European and American countries, on whether to implement border restrictions or open up borders for the high number of desperate refuges. This has created the need to have a global policy toward the refuges and forced eviction.
1.3 Research Question
How effective are the cross border restriction policies in helping European and other countries like USA to deal with high rate of human migration and the overall contribution of these policies in escalation of Refugees& Forced migration crisis?
1.4 Hypothesis
The research is be carried out under the epistemological philosophy that border restrictions by European nations and other countries around the world negatively affects the welfare of the immigrants makes the problem of forced migration and refuges seeking asylum even worse, the opportunity that can be utilized by terrorist groups to recruit new members.
2.0 Methodology
2.1 Sampling Procedure
The random sampling is be employed where the probability is specified that each member of the population has an equal chance of been selected. The respondents in the study is be general population including, but not limited to political science students, tutors, and other members of public. The sample of 30 people is considered statistically sufficient to represent a given population and produce the required results (McNabb, 2014). However, the margin of error of the confidence interval is usually affected by the sample size.
The higher size of sample lowers the margin of error in a sample. This means that if one wants a smaller margin of error in research, it is important to use the large size of sample. However, given the .limitation of time and resources to involve a high number of participants, this research uses a sample of 40 people. This sample meets the statistical threshold of a valid sample and is help to portray the opinion of the general population. The population of this research is the general USA population. Specifically the research is seek to get the opinion of the general population on the effects of cross border policies to the immigration and forced eviction crisis.
2.2 Data Collection
To collect the data questioners with ten questions touching on various aspects of forced migration nag refugee crisis is be presented. The respondents is be required to give their opinions and answer within a period of two weeks. The questionnaire is have both open ended and closed questions. The importance of integrating this two kinds of questions ids to ensure that the questionnaires captures both the opinion and supported facts about the whole issues, and allows the respondents to give their approval or disapproval of either open or closed border policy as a way of dealing with forced migrants and refuges.
2.3 Data Analysis
Descriptive statistics is be used to analyze the data. The statistics is provide simple summary about the measures and sample. This means that the analysis is involve simply describing what the data shows. Specifically, the university analysis is look at the dispersion, central tendency and distribution of the data.
2.4 Findings
The mean of the respondents is 1.25. This means that there were many males than females that were involved in the research. The standard deviation of the second question was 1.63 indicating that most of the people had similar or close responses, with the mean of 4.23 indicating that most of the people are in support of having strict border policy to enhance management of people. The standard deviation on the question regarding role played by closed border policy to minimize terrorism was 2.02 meaning that the opinions were relatively divergent with many people agree and many disagree, but aggregately many people disagreed with that proposition.
The fourth question touched on whether they support the move by the European countries to close their countries. The mean of the findings is 1.97 indicating that most of the people who responded to the questions are opposed to the move. They view the move as going against the human rights of the forced migrants. The mean of the question on the policies imposed by the European countries is 1.69. This means that most of the people do not support the move by countries like Greece to close their borders.
In overall, the respondents are in the opinion that the forced migrates and refuges should be accommodated in the western countries on a humanitarian basis. This is help to reduce the terrorist recruitment and promote peace and harmony which is essential for managing global refugee crises.

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