Cardaic SPECT Imaging

| December 11, 2014

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For this assignment kindly follow this structure:
Accuracy of quantitation analysis
– Motivation
– Challenge in quantification
– Previously all quantification packages based on FBP without attention and scatter correction. low resolution which change the image quality.
– Nowadays iterative reconstruction based on attenuation and scatter correction is used in quantification
– Compare between SPECT and MRI, CT in motion
– Main factors affect the accuracy:
1- Respiratory Motion
2- Attenuation and scatter correction
3- Image reconstruction (FBP and OSEM 3D(Flash3D)).
– Accuracy of quantification in nuclear medicine : correction methods, motion correction technique
– Effect of motion
Resolution reduces by motion: motion become more important when us iterative reconstruction, resolution improves].
– Effect of reconstruction methods
– Effect of attenuation correction [usually convolution function] improve resolution
– Improve in software and correction methods better resolution and accuracy of quantification
– We used research tools such as 3D DOCTOR software to investigate the basic technique of quantification imaging instead of standard packages because standard package don’t available and we cannot access simulation data (dynamic gated data).
– The real effect of phantom we used simulation data close to practical data.
– Refer the discussion to every graphs and table.
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