Revolutionary War

| December 11, 2014

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This topic consists of three separate essays, which are listed below.
Essay # 1: Discuss the events leading up to the Revolutionary War (1763-1776).
Essay # 2: Discuss Hamilton’s efforts to finance the new government.
Essay # 3: Discuss international disputes (1800-1812) and the causes of the War of 1812.
Each essay must be:
MLA Format
Typed double-spaced
12 pt.font Times-Roman
At least three pages in length (per essay)
Works cited page should have 3 to 5 sources for each essay.
(All sources can be listed on one complete works cited page)
No Wikipedia or encyclopedia
Use books, periodicals, magazines, or the internet
The following are some identifiers which should be noted within the appropriate essays.
Whiskey Rebellion
Monroe Doctrine
Missouri Compromise
Embargo Act
War Hawks
Alien and Sedation Acts
The Virginia and Kentucky
Louisiana Purchase
Treaty of Ghent
Hartford Convention
The 3/5 Compromise
Sources should be 12. That will be 4 sources/references per essay
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