2015. Paper review for (A comparison of methods used to calculate normal background concentrations of potentially toxic elements for urban soil)

| December 22, 2015

This assessment component requires you to critically review a scientific journal article( Rothwell, K.A., and Cooke M.P. (2015) ). When critically reviewing the article highlight, where possible, the key components of risk assessment present in the paper:
i.e. hazard identification, exposure, dose response, risk quantification, and risk management.
Note that all of these aspects may not be present in all of the papers. You will be required to write a draft critical review, when your work will be subject to review by your peers (this is the same review process that is completed when academic staff submit their own research for publication). You should use the peer review process to produce an improved final critical review, i.e. the version that will be submitted for assessment.

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Category: Environmental Issues

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