2011 National Household Survey. Medical Term Essay

| December 14, 2015

An Econometric Study of the Earnings of a Group of Immigrants in a Canadian Province using Microdata from the 2011 National Household SurveyAn Econometric Study of the Earnings of a Group of Immigrants in a Canadian Province using Microdata
Important to read before you start,
Labour economics,
This assignment ask me to do the Stata output with 2011 national household survey, and based on Stata output to get mean value table (table 1) & regression tables (table 2,3,4), and then composed 1500-2000 essay on it, the detailed requirement is shown in “assignment 2” file.
1. prof send us the example paper (similar structure to this one) I have already upload it in attached file, you can take a look, it will be helpful for the essay structure.
2. In this paper, prof ask edit the stata output to present it in a format
that is suitable for a table in a research paper. I have already got the stata output, and “do-file” if you need it, I can scan the stata output for you which i
3. For my research paper, I choose Southeast Asia immigrants (mainly from Vietnam) in Quebec. And compare to other immigrants and Canadian born, I go to prof office hour ask him about paper ideas, he says: focus on Vietnam refugees came Canada during 1975-1976, and research more sources related to this topic to compose whole essay.
4. for the table 1, is not a regression table, it is a mean value table.
What you can write:
eg: for wage variable, the people from southeast asia get less than Canadian born people
eg: for age: the mean age for southeast Asia (Vietnam) is 44 years old, is the oldest one among three groups, it can related to early years , Vietnamese refuges came to Canada, this the a reason why there age is the oldest.
(you can analysis it like this, and I will give you the code for variable, or you can check in code book , which I will upload)
5. for regression tables, eg: table 2
as you look the table, the coefficient is highlight in red: study in foreign country (-0.2629925), why I mention this number, I came to prof office hour, and let he look my stata output, he point out this number, and say:
it means: there is 26% less earning for female study in foreign country compare study in Canada, and also don’t forget analysis t-value.
6. table 3
0.0205692 I highlight in red, prof also point out it , means 2% more wage
-assignment requirement (attached file 1 ) —assignment 2
-My Table (mean value & regression table) (attached file 2) —Table 1 with title
-example paper (attached file 3)——–4116 example paper (table)
-code book ———————-attached file 4
-some tips to writer ————-attached file 5

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