18 pages. The Perpetuation of Whiteness in Education

| December 10, 2015

This research paper requires a thorough analysis of the perpetuation of whiteness in education. The paper must include:
– an introduction presenting the issue to be studied
– an overview of the literature pertaining to the issue (I will provide a reference list of 15 sources, you can you use all of them as they are from the class, if you prefer not to use them I require you to use a minimum of 3)
– a critical analysis/discussion of the issue under study (based on the literature and the students’ own views on the issue)
I am arguing that whiteness is is perpetuated in education through the actions of teachers, the race of teachers, a lack of cultural diversity in classroom texts/resources, etc. You can use the word “I” in this paper.
This is a summary detailing the outline of my paper:
“This paper seeks to explore the perpetuation of whiteness in the classroom as constructed by the teacher. A history of white privilege within education will be critically explored. This history will be unpacked in relation to teacher behaviour, culturally responsive textbooks/resources in the classroom, and a lack of minority educators in the classroom. Also, alternative schools, the various forms of capital that the current education system values, racial appropriation in the classroom and the tokenizing of race will be explored. A pedagogical shift in education will later be discussed as a response to white privilege. This will be explored through culturally responsive teaching and critical race theory.

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