16 pages. Is Streaming good or bad?

| December 30, 2015

Main part is broadly about the Streaming sector at the moment, how it is and then narrow it down to music industry.
Is it good or bad in the long run.
Are the artists benefiting from it or not.
Are they generating enough revenue to meet all their expenses.
Which method is going to be used and critically discuss about that why that method and for what purpose.
Lot of references would be ideal.
look at Soundcloud, their problems at the moment.
Spotify a great success.
Apple music recently launched and how are they going to overcome the existing competiton.
Tidal is a great failure and why is it so.
Other companies like Pandora in US
Kindly refer this website www.rethink-music.com which would serve a great purpose, where they have conducted conferences with regards to this.

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Category: Music

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