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| December 8, 2015

My topic is Gaming Systems: Console “PlayStation 4, Xbox one” and its part of my project “IT”.
my outlines: History, Tech Marketplace Brief and expectation of function list of references in APA or other scholarly format and the very important marked-up original references attached. The printed brief should be four or five pages, 1500 – 2000 words. There should be four or five major topics in the outline with some including subtopics. brief description of the technology and its history; size of the market in $ and/or # of units; manufacturers and their share of the market; expectations for the next few years.The marked up references are most important for the ‘Term Paper’ portion of the project, more important than the brief you write, so please be printing and highlighting market facts on printed copies of pages referenced as you discover and organize your facts. Make sure the marked-up pages include links or citations that lead to the original articles. Only copy/print pages with facts on them — for example, if you read a ten page article to get background on your technology but only two of the pages had facts pertinent to your tech market brief, only print and mark up those two pages.
Don’t ignore Wikipedia and other obvious on-line sources like cio.com, Gizmodo, or arstechnica as you research about your technology’s market, and don’t leave them out of your list of references. It is not required to print out pages with descriptions of the technology found at Wikipedia, but please support your statements about market share with highlighted references on the marked-up pages.
Do dig deeper with Gartner, the Library, WSJ, and other more scholarly databases available to IS majors. Look for convincing graphics dated this year or last. The instructor, and the eventual user of your Portfolio, is most interested in seeing current facts about market share or important, current, advances in the tech.

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