13 pages. Critically discuss the validity of electronic contracts in response to the emerging technologies across the globe.

| December 14, 2015

it is essential:
– to use footnotes (no references in the brackets)
– Critical discussion
– The sources below MUST be included!!
wang, F., Law of electronic commercial transactions: Contemprory Issues in the EU, US and China (Oxford, 2014)
Murray, A. Information Technology Law: The law and Society (Oxford 2010)
Martin, C.H., The Electronic Contracts Convention, the CIGS and New Sources of E-Commerce Law (2008) Tulane Journal of Internatonal and Comparative Law 16.2 467-503
Maxeiner J.R., Standard – Terms Contracting in the Global Electronic Age: European Alternatives, (2003) 28 The Yale Journal of international Law, 109
Wang, F., (2015) The Incorporation of Terms into Commercial Contracts: A Reassessment in the Digital Age, (2015) Issue 2 Journal of Business Law
Wang, F., E-Confidence: Offer and Acceptance in Online Contracting, (November 2008) Vol. 22 No.3 International Review of law, Computers and Technology
Key Cases
Adams v Lindsell [1818]
Entrores v Miles Far East Corp [1955]
Content Service Ltd v Bundesarbietskammer [2012]
The Great Peace Shipping Ltd v Tsavliris Salvage ltd [2002]
The Seatbooker Sales Ltd v Southend United Football Club [2008]
UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce 1996
EC Directive on Electronic Commerce 2000
United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications on International Contracts 2005

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