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| December 16, 2015

Read the question and the instruction of the assignment, then choose a company from the list in the brief which I chose Facebook. The second file is a plan template, from this file I need to choose one or two questions from each section to involve it to the essay. Learning Outcomes to be assessed
(from module spec.)
Knowledge and Understanding
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:-
1. Critically evaluate the links from the corporate to the marketing strategy and methods of delivering an organisations corporate mission and vision.
2. Develop marketing strategies to establish an organisation’s global competitive and sustainable stance to achieve the organisation’s strategic intent and deliver its value proposition.
3. Develop strategic marketing plans, using synergistic planning processes, ensuring they are within the resource capabilities of an organisation.
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes
On completion of this module students will have had the opportunity to :-
I. Practice a range of communications and technology skills through oral presentations, written submissions, seminar discussions and debate.
II. Develop research and information gathering skills.
III. Work collaboratively with others.
IV. Enhance analytical and evaluative skills using data, articles and other lecture, seminar and own researched materials.
Details of the task
Address the following question:
Address the following question:
Each student will carry out a study of a company1 applying the various marketing strategy-related tools and concepts covered in the module. You will develop feasible marketing strategies plan, using synergistic planning processes,to establish an organisation’s global competitive and sustainable stance to achieve the organisation’s strategic intent and deliver its value proposition.
1Students should select one of the following companies: Facebook, Wikipedia, Uber (with a focus on the UK market), Airbnb (with a focus on the UK market), and Alibaba. Students will have a better understanding of this assignment if they read some of the following articles:
Libert, B., Wind, Y(J), and Fenley, M.B. (2014), “What Airbnb, Uber, and Alibaba have in common”, Harvard Business Review, available at: https://hbr.org/2014/11/what-airbnb-uber-and-alibaba-have-in-common.
McRae, H. (2015), “Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, and the unstoppable rise of the content non-generators”, The Independent, available at: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/hamish-mcrae/facebook-airbnb-uber-and-the-unstoppable-rise-of-the-content-nongenerators-10227207.html.
As a guide you should2:
• Summarize your findings through executive summary (10%)
• Introduce your chosen company in terms of its recent performances, such as marketing activities and financial performances (5%)
• Apply suitable marketing tools to analyse your chosen company
o The current situation analysis – macro environmental (10%)
o The current situation analysis – your market place (10%
o The current situation analysis – your customers/prospects (10%)
o The current situation analysis – your brand(s) (10%)
• Provide strategic marketing plans (recommendations)to your chosen company
o Yourmarketing objectives and goals (5%)
o The target audience (10%)
o The marketing strategy (20%)
• Present your work effectively (10%)
2Students are required to produce the report in the form of a marketing plan. The following materials might be useful:
CIM marketingexpert. (2015), Marketing Plan. Available at:
Your work should be in a creative, critical and evaluative manner. Ensure that your arguments are clear and logical and where appropriate include academic sources, i.e. academic journal papers, which add weight to your points raised. Please show in your list of references an appropriate breadth and depth of references relevant to the topic.
Your work must be correctly referenced throughout in the Harvard format.
Your assignment should be word processed and produced in an appropriate academic style. The font should be 12, and be double spaced. The work should be completed on an individual basis.
We have set up a draft submission area so that you can check whether your work is adequately referenced. You are strongly advised to make use of this system. You can submit a draft to turnitin as many times as you wish but you can only submit one final version. Therefore please ensure you submit to the correct area of blackboard turnitin systems.

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