Is pain physical, mental, or both?

| December 22, 2015

Must read 5 excerpts and discuss different forms of treatment for pain, successful and unsuccessful.
in your analysis, be sure to explain what pain is, and how it works neurologically?
You may also address, what are the effects of music, massage, exercise upon the experience of pain? what do these effects suggest about the nature of pain? what is the role of the brain in perception of pain? why according to the author does the meaning of pain affect the experience of pain? why does symbolic representation have an effect upon the experience of pain? why does a person’s emotional state have an effect upon the experience of pain?
Include key terms and define them to support argument ie chronic pain, pain management, analgesia, nociceptive pain, protective pain. maladaptive pain, somatic pain, emotional pain, non-pharmacological intervention and symbolic representation
No heavy quotations, please.
succinct and concise, focusing on healthcare/medicine with some creative writing infused, if possible

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