10 pages. How do general practitioners express the barriers to appropriate prescribing of Z-drugs and benzodiazepines

| December 28, 2015

How do general practitioners express the barriers to appropriate prescribing of Z-drugs and benzodiazepines: a meta-synthesis of existing research.
this order is a systematic review paper. I finished some parts of the paper and want you to complete the rest. I finished the introduction, method and study selection ( I will upload the file). You need to read the table which contains studies I have chosen then read all of them carefully to do my work. You need to write the systematic review using thematic synthesis method but please be careful because you need to write it based on COM-B MODEL (it is a behaviour change technique that can help to understand why general practitioners cannot change their hypnotic prescriptions behaviour which illustrates and how the COM-B model was used as a framework for the interpretation of interview data.. I will provide you some links you need to read them carefully to know how to understand what they mean and how to fit them into the paper). these are the links:
You need to check each study and construct some themes based on COM-B model. As I told you I already finished the introduction but you might need to change the last paragraph about the COM-B model. Then, please PARAPHRASE THE paragraph about The quality of the studies evaluated with criteria based on that established by Hawker et al ( Appraising the Evidence: Reviewing Disparate Data Systematically. Qualitative Health Research, 2002. 12(9): p. 1284-1299.) and please do not forget to make a table as an appendex for the quality assessment of the studies. after that please write these sections: 1- result (according to papers I mentioned in the table) 2- the finding (the themes you construct according to papers in the table and based on COM-B model. 3- discussion 4- implication 5- study limitation 6- conclusion and future work and 150 words as an abstract.

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