(1) try to attribute the rising cost of health care to the increased percentage of older adults in the United States as well as the lack of sufficient specialists in the industry.

| April 2, 2014

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The sources in this assignment tend to fall into one category – news articles. The most common genre of these sources is online news articles, such as the New York Times and CNBC.
Articles in newspapers, magazines and news articles fall under secondary sources. This may largely because the issue of increased medical expenses has gained increasing media attention, with majority of Americans appalled by the high cost of medical expenses. Consequently, numerous online news articles have been dedicated to this topic.
The authors in this article tend to be in unison on the major issues under discussion. For instance, all the authors concur that the cost of health care in the United States is very high, especially when compared to other industrialized countries around the globe (Rosenthal 1; Mangan 1; Zuckerman 1). The authors also agree that this high cost of health care has resulted in great financial strain on American households. Similarly, all the authors tend to agree that there seems to be no logical explanation as to why the cost of health care in the United States is too high. For instance, Bill (1) explains that most Americans who have been slapped with the hefty medical bills fail to comprehend the justification for this inflated costs, while Rosenthal (1) explains that patients who have undergone colonoscopies and paid over six thousand dollars are aggrieved by this situation. Zuckerman (1) for instance explains that Americans are “bewildered” by the high cost of health care.
Most of the information provided by the various authors is not conflicting. The authors tend to agree on all the key points, such as the direct correlation of high medical expenses to bankruptcy, nonprofit hospitals charging too much for health care, and the general uproar by the public on the inexplicably high medical bills. However, authors such as Rosenthal (1) try to attribute the rising cost of health care to the increased percentage of older adults in the United States as well as the lack of sufficient specialists in the industry. Nevertheless, all authors agree on the fundamental points of bankruptcy, inexplicable rise in health care costs, and high cost of health care in the United States as compares to any other place in the world.
The authors mainly use information gained from correspondents as well as information from reports to elucidate the gravity of the situation. For instance, Bill (1) uses the example of Recchi, a middle aged man who paid over eighty thousand dollars as initial cost for cancer treatment, Rosenthal (5) gives the example of Moh who paid over twenty five thousand dollars as hospital charges. Bill (3) compares the cost of health care as many times more than buying a car, an issue which raises many questions. Mangan (1) explains that over one and a half million people were file for bankruptcy in the year 2013. Himmelstein (1) acknowledges that in the 1980s, less than ten percent of families filed for bankruptcy as a result of medical; expenses, as compared to approximately fifty percent in the turn of the millennium, with this figure rising to above sixty eight percent by the year 2007.
Most of the authors rely on information gained from members of the public through interviews. This is especially evident in the article by Bill (1), Mangan, (2) and Rosenthal (1). Bill (1) further makes use of annual reports from the department of Health and Human Services. Rosenthal (1) also makes use of reports from the commonwealth fund. Thus, the authors make use of first-hand information from the public, as well as various reports from which they derive relevant data on the subject.
The interpretative framework utilized by the authors in gaining and generating greater insight on the topic by collecting data and statistics on the cost of medical care in the United States, as well as the resultant effects. For instance, the authors interpret data collected from a sample population from where they make deductions on the population. For instance, borrowing a leaf from Bill (1), it is evident that many Americans are appending too much on health care judging from the examples provided, with costs averaging at about six thousand dollars. Authors such as Rosenthal (1) proceed to seek for an explanation on the high cost of medical care. Through such statistics and statistics from related reports, the authors are able to add depth in their discussions on the topic.
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